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Facts and Figures

Chick-fil-A Victoria is so excited to be partnering with Young Life! A little bit about how this event effects our community.

Our Mission:
Introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.

In 1941, a man named Jim Rayburn had a dream for the kids in his town of Gainesville, TX. Young Life started with prayer and an aching heart for young people. Before his death, he addressed Young Life one last time, and said “There is no price too high to pay, to see to it that young people have a chance to know the Savior.” Young Life has 21 first-class camp properties located across the country. Kids stay for a week of high adventure--mountain climbing, sailing, horseback riding, and other activities--in a beautiful setting far removed from their usual pressures and concerns. During this week of camp our high school friends get to hear messages about God's love in terms they can understand. Young Life camping is open to kids who often are overlooked: those from economically depressed communities, kids with disabilities and teenage mothers. Many of our high school friends accept Christ into their hearts or renew their commitment to Him during their time at Young Life Camp.

For the past thirteen years, Young Life staff and volunteer leaders have stepped into the world of teenagers right here in Victoria.

Every Monday, we welcome anywhere from 50-70 kids from Victoria East, Victoria West, St. Joseph and homeschool to Young Life club.

In July of 2024 we will take 36 high school friends from Victoria, to summer camp in Fraser, Colorado.


Young Life Victoria!

100% of the proceeds raised through our sponsors and participants in the Chick-fil-A 5K and the "Running of the Calves" Kids Fun Run go towards helping send local Victoria high school students to camp. For many students, a Young Life camp is their first opportunity to experience an outdoor, team building event of this nature and it is a life changing event.